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Our Priorities

"We all Go Home Safely, Every Day"


Safety Always


Protecting each other through efficient best practices is integrated into everything we do. Getting the job done is expected, but never more important than preserving the lives and health of fellow team members.

Visible felt safety leadership and accountability


Our employees are expected to demonstrate a commitment to safety that is visible and felt throughout our company. All employees are required to set high safety standards, lead by example, empowering all employees to perform their work safely, recognise good performance and hold all accountable for safety performance. These attributes are articulated in our Safety Employee Pledge, which every employee commits to live and abide by. Safety is a key performance indicator for all and is assessed in the performance management process.

Continual improvement through learning and sharing


We continually develop, enhance and share effective and innovative interventions through various initiatives and from a variety of sources, including our diverse operations, clients, industry peers, audits and networking forums. We also drive the use of technology advances to reduce workforce exposure to safety risks.

Safety Logo
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