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Our Approach




Our approach to health and safety


We remain firm in the belief that Zero Harm is possible, notwithstanding the challenging environments in which our employees operate. Achieving safe and injury free operations is a key strategic objective and our approach to achieving this goal is premised on our extensive operational experience in our markets. We work towards continuous health and safety improvement by implementing recommendations from independent experts, better understanding our exposure using risk assessments, implementing lessons learnt from audits and incident investigations and benchmarking ourselves against clients and industry peers.

These recommendations and lessons learnt are incorporated in the Group health, safety & environment framework, which outlines the role, responsibility and accountability of the Group's operations in managing our material health and safety issues.


All stakeholders are required to implement health and safety plans at all times.


All incidents are thoroughly investigated to determine root causes and corrective measures are implemented. Major incidents are reviewed by our leadership. Lessons learnt are shared across the organization.

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